American Buffalo



A classic tragedy, American Buffalo is the story of three men struggling in the pursuit of their distorted vision of the American Dream.  By turns touching and cynical, poignant and violent, American Buffalo is a piercing story of how people can be corrupted into betraying their ideals and those they love.  (from the cover of the play)

SETTING: Don's Resale Shop.  A junkshop.
CAST: (for the 1982 run of the play) (for the 1982 run of the play)

ACT I: One Friday, in the morning.
ACT II: About 11:00 that night.




Al Pacino.................
Clifton James...........
Thomas Waites........
Walter Cole (Teacher, or Teach)
Donny Dubrow

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Written by Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright David Mamet who also wrote Glengarry Glen Ross.

Al performed this play several times over the early eighties.  

(1980) Long Wharf Theater Company, New Haven
(1982) Downtown Circle in the Square, New York
(1983) Booth Theater, New York
(1984) Duke of York's Theatre, London

A film, American Buffalo, was made of the play in 1996 starring Dustin Hoffman (teach),   Dennis Franz (Don), Sean Nelson (I) (Bobby).

You can buy a copy of the play from:

250 W. 40th St.
New York, NY 10018
Tel: (800) 322-0595
Fax: (212) 730-8739
(it cost $5.25 + postage at the time I ordered it)

The first production of the play, in 1975, included William H. Macy  as Bobby. (Check out the Unofficial William H. Macy Website 

Other productions have featured Robert Duvall, J.T. Walsh and John Savage.

"American Buffalo" won the Drama Critics Circle Award for the best American play and the Obie award.

Thomas Waites (Bobby) co-starred with Al in And Justice for All as the innocent kid who is wrongly jailed.




"Easily the most amusing American Buffalo I have seen.   When Mr. Pacino makes his entry on the Long Wharf stage, the play accelerates in a fresh direction.  It is not that the is better than Duvall; he is different, as different as they were in The Godfather.  In Pacino's hands his character becomes street-smart, cocksure and self-mocking." Mel Gussow (source of quote - Al Pacino: A Life On the Wire)




American Buffalo the movie
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  (here's a pic of him in AB)